Exhibition stand construction: Consulting l Design l Realization - from one source.


Bau, 95 sqm

Space miracle on 5 x 19 meters – the sedak exhibition stand at the Bau 2015:

Two gigantic glass panels (3,2 x 14 and 1,1 x 14 meters) on the 5 x 19 meter stand area need to be made “tangible” to the visitors and be presented in the “best light”.

The concept: A noble printed 3,2 x 14 meter panel as eye-catcher. 18 spots set the panel in scene. Two partition walls serve as background and divide the stand at depth. The visitors can completely walk around the panel and enter the communication area in the back of the exhibition stand via three passageways.

In the communication area of the exhibition stand, presented in a wall niche: the 1,1 x 14 meter long insulating glass panel. At eye level of the beholder: additional glass panel samples and a demo tablet.

Modern LED pendant lighting – only recently available on the market – take on the topic of glass and signal the high standard of the sedak claim for product quality.
A service and storage space with about 1,5 sqm hiding behind the back wall and takes everything essential. Walls in tension banner design, partly in conventional construction.

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