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Exhibition stands are our passion:

Leave impressions that adhere – the declared objective of our architects and designers.
In this sense, our design teams are well practiced also to think outside the box. Only so arises exceptional and exciting exhibition design. Shape, color and material melted nuance exactly together to a homogeneous unit, is equally important to us as looking after accurate workmanship during all phases of manufacturing and installation.

Our concepts incorporate the strategic components of marketing. Of course, we advise you in advance comprehensively, constructively and competent.

Tradeshow goals formulating –
and achieve:
we assist you with it!

And, if required, we will show you where weaknesses and strengths of existing concepts are.
Our project managers, marketing specialists, exhibition stand-architects and designers work as well as our technicians, craftsmen, warehouse staff and logisticians on one target:
That your exhibition presence be a complete success.

You have questions?
Phone +49 (0) 821.43000-0
Our secretariat connects you with the relevant person!

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